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Fund Raising Book Fair

Most people, if not all, would love to have a good book to on hand, especially during cold weather or rainy days where in there’s no fun going out to have. From this thought, you could raise money for your organization relating to books- fund raising book fair! Frequently, schools, church, or any religious groups are the ones expert on this department from which they were able to generate enough funds for whatever chosen cause and fun drives they might have.

Fund raising book fairs are carried out very easily. Your group or organization should have books to sell at a profit to people who come to your fair. Book fairs are best combined with other kinds of fund raising programs like bake sales and auctions. Since these activities are typically done on Saturday afternoons, you can expect a lot of people coming over to your fair.

The following are the things needed to be able for you to organize a fund raising book fair:

§ 6 months of careful planning
§ A spacious room or place to hold your book fair
§ Display materials such as tables, book cases, book stands, and more
§ Advertising: posters, local medial, fliers
§ A fund raising team to help out with the whole activity
§ Plenty of books, of course!

The books may be gotten from donations, stores selling great books with cheap prices, or purchasing from book stores with discounted prices. But first, have your fund raising team gather a list of popular authors and book titles form different types that suit the tastes for both children and old alike. After you have the kinds of books you’ll need, you can begin asking the people in your community to donate old books, just make sure the books are still useful. And also, you can check on local flea markets where you can find very low-priced used books of famous titles and authors on a given morning. If it’s not enough, you can contact local book stores and see if they’re willing to donate some books or give you a discounted price. Besides, your fund raising book fair could use a few new books on top of the used and old ones for picky customers.

If you prefer, you can also work with fund raising book fair companies, who are experts this kind of event. These firms can make your fund raiser easier for they provide an array of books and practically everything you need for the whole book fair. But, the help is expected to have a fixed price with it. The result, you will end up getting at least less than 40 % of the profit. But then again, much of the hard work was on the book fair company and you’re only there to more or less facilitate. Sound fair enough, isn’t it?

Whether you choose to obtain the books yourselves or work with a company, you will surely need a very large space to accommodate customers. Make sure there’s enough room for them to see and walk around. It’s also important to properly setup your display in a way that customers can easily look at the titles. Cashier’s table should be near the exit/entrance for customers to easily locate it. If these things are done the perfectly with added personal touches to make your fund raising book fair look inviting, there’s no doubt it will turn out successful.


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