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Alpha Golf Clubs Debuted By Accident


Alpha Golf Clubs Debuted By Accident

It was an unintended move from aerospace and computer design that took Dr. Jim Yeh into the golf club design business but after five years of designing Alpha golf clubs, the fledgling company is making long-drive inroads. Following his work in the aerospace industry with products made for the government, Yeh took over Kent Sports and has launched Alpha golf clubs into the next orbit.

Some of the better designs in golf have come from small, young companies too isolated to have a huge impact on the sports. The larger, more well known golf equipment manufacturers have a huge head start in launching new product designs, but Alpha golf clubs has seen its drivers entered into long-drive competition and perform very well among some of the world’s leaders. The Reaction driver made its first appearance in 2001 and began making an impression almost instantly. In a recent ReMax World Long Drive Championships there are six Alpha golf clubs claiming wins by long-drive champions.

While working in aerospace and the field of building computers his doctorate in physics and Masters in electrical and material science engineering were a needed part of his occupation, but his true love was in finding out things worked and how to make them work better. Designing Alpha golf clubs came about quite by accident after his stint as a silent partner in Kent Sports unexpectedly turned into a vocal owner.

Education And Experience Helps Club Designs

The goal of Alpha golf clubs is to design clubs to benefit players on every level, from the weekend duffers to professionals. Using physics and materials science to design clubs and the materials that go into making them, they can be combined to offer superior performance.

One of the most difficult aspects of a golf swing is hitting the ball in the center of the club head, known as the sweet spot, and despite an enlarged sweet spot touted by many manufacturers, getting the club head to that spot is what Alpha golf clubs is aiming to achieve.

The success of many golf club makers lies in following tradition of the leading sellers, but Alpha golf clubs looks at its own designs and how materials are used and shaped to offer a more productive piece of equipment. Many smaller equipment makers remain in obscurity for years despite innovative designs, but the world-wide success in long-drive competitions in lifting Alpha golf clubs into the mainstream and into players’ hands.


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